Business investment zone and advertising tax

Entrepreneurs in the City Centre and Veldhoven-Dorp pay taxes. With the proceeds, the centre management ensures an attractive, vibrant shopping centre in these areas. You pay these taxes via the municipal tax assessment.

Entrepreneurs in the City Centre pay a tax for the period 2021-2025 because their business is located in the area of the business investment zone. Businesses in the Veldhoven-Dorp area pay advertising tax for visible advertising.

Business investment zone price

You annually pay 0.55% of the WOZ value on value reference date 1 January 2019 until 2025, with a minimum of € 800 and a maximum of € 8.000.

The advertising tax is set to expire in the City Centre from 1 January 2021.


Advertising tax for Veldhoven-Dorp:

  • You pay a minimum of € 200,-
  • From a WOZ value of € 67.000 you additionally pay € 3,00 per € 1.000 WOZ value
  • You pay a maximum of € 700


The maps below show the areas where the taxes apply:

The tax does not apply to schools, churches and the like.

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