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  • About this website

    The municipality of Veldhoven is responsible for the content of this website. We do everything in our power to provide accurate information and keep the website up to date.

  • Advertising tax

    Entrepreneurs in the City Centre and Veldhoven-Dorp pay taxes. With the proceeds, the centre management ensures an attractive, vibrant shopping centre in these areas. You pay these taxes via the municipal tax assessment.

  • Dog tax

    If you live in Veldhoven and you have one or more dogs, you have to pay dog tax. You can register and deregister dogs online.

  • Excerpt from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP)

    Do you need proof that you are registered with the municipality in Veldhoven? You may need this, for example, to register with a housing association.

  • Exchanging your foreign driver’s license

    If you obtained your driver’s license in a country other than the Netherlands, in certain circumstances you may be able to exchange it for a Dutch driver’s license.

  • Exemption

    Exemption means that you no longer have to pay a debt. Usually because you do not have enough income. Are you unable to pay municipal taxes? You can apply for exemption of waste collection tax, sewerage tax, WOZ and property tax and/or dog tax (for a maximum of 1 dog).

  • Garbage and recycling

    The municipality of Veldhoven collects household waste separately. There are 3 types of waste containers for low-rise buildings. For apartment complexes there are (underground) waste containers.

  • Municipal tax assessment

    Do you live in a Dutch municipality? Or do you have a business in a Dutch municipality? Then you have to pay municipal taxes. You will receive a tax assessment from the municipality. This assessment is called the ‘aanslag gemeentebelastingen’.

  • Municipality of Veldhoven

    Contact details, opening hours and appointments. Information about Brainport, Expat Center and what's on.

  • Objection to tax demand

    If you do not agree with the municipal tax demand or the WOZ value that has been set, you can file an objection.

  • Passport for foreign nationals

    If you live in the Netherlands but do not have Dutch nationality and you are not able to obtain a passport in your country of origin, you will need an aliens passport if you wish to travel to a country outside the Netherlands.

  • Passport for refugees

    If you live in the Netherlands and do not have Dutch nationality but you do have an asylum status, you will require a refugee passport if you wish to travel to a country outside the Netherlands.

  • Paying municipal taxes

    You can pay your tax demand by direct debit, by bank transfer or you can come to the town hall to pay it. If you are not able to pay, find out if you qualify for tax remission.

  • Registering a birth

    Was your baby born? Congratulations! You must declare the birth of your child within 3 working days in the municipality where it was born. In Veldhoven you can register the birth digitally. You don't have to leave the house for that.

  • Settling in the Netherlands

    If you have come to live in the Netherlands you must register your details in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) in Veldhoven within 5 days of your arrival.

  • Sewerage tax

    You must pay a sewerage levy if your home or business premises are connected directly or indirectly to the municipal sewer system.

  • Tourist tax

    Do you stay overnight in a hotel, bed & breakfast or campsite in a municipality where you do not live? Then you pay tourist tax. This tax is included in the price of the overnight stay. The entrepreneur who provides overnight accommodation for a fee pays the tourist tax to the municipality. The entrepreneur claims the tax from you.

  • Waste calendar

    On the digital waste calendar you can see on which day residual waste, plastic, paper and vegetable, fruit and garden waste are collected, and the location and date of the KCA trolley is also indicated.

  • Waste card

    When you live in an apartment building you can use an underground container for your household waste. You need a waste card to access the container.

  • Waste collection tax

    All households pay a waste collection tax. This covers the cost of the collection and processing of household waste.

  • Waste recycling station

    Contact details and opening hours. Information about waste for recycling, and the regulations on disposing of your bulky refuse, asbestos, textiles and green waste.

  • WOZ and property tax

    If, on 1 January, you are the owner and/or user of a property or a piece of land, you will have to pay property tax (OZB) for that year, for which you will receive a municipal tax demand.