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Paying municipal taxes

You can pay your tax demand by direct debit, by bank transfer or you can come to the town hall to pay it. If you are not able to pay, find out if you qualify for tax remission.

Ways to pay your taxes

It is up to you to remember to pay on time. You can pay the tax assessment in different ways:

  • Direct debit

If you opt to pay by direct debit, you will pay in 10 monthly installments (March to December inclusive). If you receive a tax demand later in the year, you will pay in maximum 7 installments. How to arrange direct debit:

  • Via the digital tax desk (Dutch only)
  • With a direct debit mandate form from the Municipality. You can request a direct debit mandate form by calling 14 040 or by sending an e-mail to You can also collect the form from the reception desk in the town hall

If your account number changes, you will need to fill out a new direct debit mandate form.

  • Transfer the amount yourself

You can pay the full amount at once or you can pay in two installments. The account number (NL68BNGH0285165453), your tax demand reference number and the first due date are shown on the tax demand.

  • Paying via iDEAL

If you have registered for receiving a digital assessment, you can pay via iDEAL via MijnOverheid.

  • Paying via QR code

Do you receive the assessment notice by post? Then you can pay using the QR code on the tax demand.

  • Paying at the counter

If you want to pay your municipal taxes at the counter in the town hall, you will need to make an appointment.

Let op!Would you like to apply for this product at the town hall without an appointment? You can do so in 2024 on Thursday mornings between 9am and 11am. Please check first what you need to bring for your application. Apply after entering the building at the digital application kiosk. Allow for a longer waiting time as there are likely to be people waiting for you. The waiting time can be 30 to 90 minutes. Is another time more convenient? Then please make an appointment.

Procedure for collection in the event of late payment

If you fail to pay the tax demand in time, the Municipality will implement the procedure for collection in the event of late payment (PDF, 68.4 kB). The Municipality has outsourced all of its debt collection activities to Cannock Chase Public.

Tax remission

If you are not able to pay your municipal taxes right away? Please call 14 040 or send an e-mail to So we can make arrangements with you about your payment.

If you are not able to pay the municipal taxes, then you can apply for municipal tax remission in respect of the waste collection tax, sewerage tax, property tax and/or dog tax (for a maximum of one dog). Whether or not you qualify for tax remission is determined by the Municipality on the basis of the rules laid down by the government.

If you wish to apply for tax remission, contact the Municipality as soon as possible after you have received the municipal tax assesment. For more information go to the website page Exemption.

Digital tax desk

Via the digital tax desk (Dutch only) you can quickly and easily view and arrange your WOZ and tax matters.

Digital mail via Message Box (Berichtenbox)

Gemeente Veldhoven is connected to the Message Box (Berichtenbox) at This is your personal, secure mailbox for digital mail from government organizations. In the Message Box you can receive your tax demand from gemeente Veldhoven. Use your DigiD to log in.


If you do not have DigiD yet, apply for it at the website On the website of you will find a simple explanation of what DigiD is, how to apply for DigiD and how to use it. You can also practice applying for DigiD.

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