Municipal tax assessment

Do you live in a Dutch municipality? Or do you have a business in a Dutch municipality? Then you have to pay municipal taxes. You will receive a tax assessment from the municipality. This assessment is called the ‘aanslag gemeentebelastingen’.

You will usually receive the municipal tax assessment from the municipality of Veldhoven at the end of February. Or later if you moved to the municipality at a later date. You will receive the assessment by post or digital via the Message Box (Berichtenbox) of (Dutch only).

The assessment lists the municipal taxes and levies you have to pay:

The assessment often includes the WOZ value. This concerns owners and (some) tenants of houses and owners and tenants of business property.

Digital Tax Desk (Digitale Belastingbalie)

Via the Digital Tax Desk (Dutch only) you can quickly and easily view your details online. And arrange your municipal tax affairs yourself. For example, you can arrange direct debits, register a dog or apply for tax relief.

Paying municipal taxes

Make sure you pay the assessment amount on time. The due date is noted on the assessment. You can also pay in instalments. Read more about this on the page Paying municipal taxes. This page also explains how to proceed if you are unable to pay the assessment (now). If you do not pay on time? Then there will be extra costs.


Objection to tax demand

Do you disagree with the WOZ value? Are any of the details on the tax assessment incorrect? The page Objection to tax demand gives you more information on what you can do and how you can contact us.

More information

Would you like some more general information on municipalities or municipal taxes? Check out the information on the website of the central government.

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