WOZ and property tax

If you are the owner and/or user of a property or a piece of land on 1 January, you will have to pay property tax (ozb) for that year, for which you will receive a municipal tax demand. The amount of property tax payable is a percentage of the assessed market value or ‘WOZ’ value for the property or piece of land. You can request a valuation report online.

Value reference date/WOZ period

The WOZ value is the resale value of the property on 1 January of the previous year: the value reference date. If the property has been built during the course of the year or has been modified, this change in value will be taken into account in the valuation.

Valuation report

The Municipality sets the WOZ value each year, amongst other things by looking at the sales prices of comparable housing or shops. If you would like to understand the basis on which your WOZ value has been calculated, you can apply online for your valuation report at MijnOverheid. More information about MijnOverheid and how to activate your account can be found in the MijnOverheid brochure (Dutch only). You can also request a valuation report by calling 14 040 or sending an e-mail to gemeente@veldhoven.nl. You must state in your e-mail the name of the person in question, the address of the property and the tax demand reference number.


Do you have a question about the WOZ value? Please contact us via the green button below (Dutch form).

Contact WOZ

File an objection

If you do not agree with the WOZ value or the tax demand, you can file an objection.

Check property values

The WOZ value of residential properties is public information. You can consult the WOZ value of homes in the Netherlands via the Landelijke Voorziening WOZ (LV WOZ) on www.wozwaardeloket.nl. Fill in the address in the box at the top left labelled Locatie (location), then click on Zoeken (search). Not all municipalities are connected to the LV WOZ yet. Veldhoven is connected.


The municipal council sets the property tax percentages each year and records them in a property tax regulation.


Property tax percentages (% of assessed market value or WOZ value) 2023
Owners' tax, residential property 0,0911%
Owners' tax, non-residential property 0,2375%
Users' tax, non-residential property 0,1320%

Moving house

Property tax is charged on the basis of the WOZ value that has been set for the property. You are charged for the full year, regardless of whether you move house or sell your property.

Copy of the tax demand

If you need a copy of the property tax demand, for example because you are going to sell a property, contact the Municipality by calling 14 040 or sending an e-mail to gemeente@veldhoven.nl.

Digital mail via Message Box (Berichtenbox)

Gemeente Veldhoven is connected to the Message Box (Berichtenbox) at MijnOverheid.nl. This is your personal, secure mailbox for digital mail from government organizations. In the Message Box you can receive your tax demand from gemeente Veldhoven. Use your DigiD to log in. If you do not have DigiD yet, apply for it at digid.nl/aanvragen.

On the website of digid.steffie.nl you will find a simple explanation of what DigiD is, how to apply for DigiD and how to use it. You can also practice applying for DigiD.

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