Objection to tax demand

If you do not agree with the municipal tax demand or the WOZ value that has been set, you can lodge an objection with the Municipality. You must lodge your objection within 6 weeks of the date on the tax demand.

Appeal your WOZ value

If you disagree with your WOZ value (the assessed property value), please contact us online (Dutch form).

Informal objection WOZ value

Or send an e-mail to gemeente@veldhoven.nl. Specify the subject of your e-mail “informal objection WOZ value” and include the tax assessment number (aanslagnummer) and the address. We will contact you within 5 business days to discuss what you object to and why.

If you disagree with the decision in response to your objection, you can make a legal appeal via the courts. This appeal must be made within 6 weeks of the original decision.

Formal objection to WOZ value, sewerage levy, waste disposal levy and dog tax

Formal objection form (Dutch)

You must lodge your objection within 6 weeks of the date on the tax demand.

It's also possible to send us a letter of objection. Make sure you include the following details in your letter of objection:

  • Your name, initials and address
  • The reason for your objection
  • The reference number on your tax demand
  • Your signature

If you wish to give a verbal explanation of your objection, you must also mention this in your letter of objection.

Sample letter objection to WOZ value/property tax (OZB)

You can use the sample letter (DOCX, 14.7 kB) (Dutch) to prepare your letter of objection to the assessed market value (‘WOZ’ value) or the property tax (OZB). You will then need to print the letter of objection, sign it and send it in. An objection to the WOZ decision also counts as an objection to the property tax demand and vice versa.

Send your letter to:

Municipality of Veldhoven
For attn of Municipal Tax Officer
Postbus 10101
5500 GA Veldhoven

Paying later

Even if you lodge an objection, you still need to pay the amount shown on the tax demand. You can, however, ask in your letter of objection to pay the amount that you are disputing at a later date. If, after your letter of objection has been dealt with, it becomes apparent that your objection was justified, the amount overpaid will be refunded to you automatically.

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