Dog tax

If you live in the Municipality of Veldhoven and you have one or more dogs, you are required to pay dog tax. You can register and deregister dogs online. You do not need to pay the tax at the time of registration. A tax demand will be sent to you.

Register Deregister

If you would prefer to deal with this matter in person at the town hall, please make an appointment.

Bring with you

  • Proof of your identity
  • If you wish to deregister your dog: the dog tag


Detail Price 2018
Per dog € 83,23
Kennel rate € 249,69
New dog tag (replacement) € 8,35

Release from tax

If you have deregistered your dog and returned the dog tag you are no longer liable to pay dog tax and tax will be refunded to you with retroactive effect.

Dog tag

You are issued with a dog tag to show that you have registered your dog for dog tax and that you are a registered owner of a dog. If you have lost the dog tag, you will need to purchase another from the counter in the town hall. Make an appointment for this by calling 14 040.

Guide dogs for the blind

If you have a guide dog because you are visually impaired, you will be exempt from paying dog tax. You will, however, need to notify the Municipality.

  • Register your dog via the website, and then state on the registration form that your dog is a guide dog for the blind. You can provide proof (for example, a copy of the dog’s documents to show it is a guide dog for the blind) in an attachment.
  • If you wish to register the dog at the counter, take a copy of the dog’s documents with you.

Lodge an objection

If you do not agree with the amount of tax you are expected to pay, you can lodge an objection.

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