Dog tax

If you live in the Municipality of Veldhoven and you have one or more dogs, you have to pay dog tax. You can register or deregister the dog via the 'Digitale Belastingbalie' (Digital Tax Desk). Please note: this service is in Dutch only.  You will no longer receive a dog tag.

Go to Digitale Belastingbalie (Dutch only)

If you prefer to arrange this at the town hall, please make an appointment.

Bring with you

  • Proof of your identity


Detail Price
Per dog € 95,94
Kennel rate € 287,82

Exemption from tax

If you have deregistered your dog you do not have to pay for the months that you no longer own the dog.

Buddy dog, assistance dog or guide dog for the blind

If you have a guide dog for a visual impairment, you do not have to pay dog tax. You will, however, need to notify the municipality.

  • Register your dog via the website, and fill in on the registration form that your dog is a guide dog. You can add an attachment as proof (for example, a copy of the dog’s documents to show it is a guide dog for the blind).
  • If you wish to register the dog at the counter, take a copy of the dog’s documents with you.


Do you think the levy is incorrect? Or do you have another question about municipal taxes? Then contact us via the green button below (Dutch form).

Contact belastingen

Why dog tax?

The municipality uses the money of the dog tax for:

  • the development and maintenance of dog-walking routes and sites (PDF, 5.7 MB)
  • checking on possession and nuisance (for example excessive barking)
  • cleaning up dog waste
  • dog waste bags. If you own a dog you can pick up free dog waste bags at the reception desk in the town hall

Dog walking routes and sites

In Veldhoven there are several walking routes and sites for dogs. Along the designated walking routes and on the dog sites you are not obliged to clean up after your dog. Everywhere else, including the free-run sites, you are obliged to clean up after your dog.

Walking the dog

Dogs must always be kept on a leash, except on designated walking- and free-run sites.

Locations and legend of map below

Kleur/Icoon op de kaart Adressen
Dog walking site - color orange Dog walking sites Veldhoven (list) (PDF, 47.4 kB) (Dutch only)
Dog free-run site - color yellow Dog free-run sites Veldhoven (list) (PDF, 32.0 kB) (Dutch only)
Dog walking route - red stripe Dog walking routes (see map below)
Icon of a dog waste bin Places dog waste bins in Veldhoven (list) (PDF, 52.9 kB) (Dutch only)


Are you unable to pay the municipal taxes? Then you can apply for exemption via the webpage Exemption.

Digital mail via Message Box (Berichtenbox)

Gemeente Veldhoven is connected to the Message Box (Berichtenbox) at This is your personal, secure mailbox for digital mail from government organizations. In the Message Box you can receive your tax demand from gemeente Veldhoven. Use your DigiD to log in. If you do not have DigiD yet, apply for it at

On the website of you will find a simple explanation of what DigiD is, how to apply for DigiD and how to use it. You can also practice applying for DigiD.

See also

  • Paying municipal taxes
  • Municipal tax assessment
  • The General Local Regulation (APV - Dutch only) for all rules concerning walking the dog. It is forbidden to let your dog stay or walk in a public place wthout being on a lead. Dogs are not allowed to enter public places such as children's playgrounds, school grounds, shopping area's and sports fields.

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