Waste collection tax

All households pay a waste collection tax. This covers the cost of the collection and processing of household waste. The waste collection tax is paid as part of the municipal taxes. Businesses do not have to pay the waste collection tax.


Detail Annual amount
Waste collection tax, 1-person household € 217,67
Waste collection tax, household with more than one person € 310,96
Extra bin (kliko) € 100,00
Exchange bin (kliko) for a different size € 25,00

Explanation of price

Were you living alone on January 1, 2024? Then you pay the price for one person. Did you live with more people? Then the price applies for more people in a household. Are you coming to live in Veldhoven later in the year? Then the date on which you become tax liable applies.

Does the composition of your household change during the year? Then the price remains the same. It will not become lower or higher afterwards.

Moving house

  • If you remain living in Veldhoven: the waste collection tax will remain unchanged, unless you start lodging with someone who is already paying the waste collection tax. In that case, the amount of tax will be reduced for the months that remain.
  • If you move to another municipality: the money for the months that you will no longer be living in Veldhoven will be refunded to you or settled automatically.

Divorce/end of relationship

The municipal tax demand is always issued in the name of one person. This is the person who is liable to pay the municipal taxes. If your relationship ends and the person liable to pay moves to a different address, he/she will take this liability to pay with them to their new address. The partner who is left behind then becomes liable to pay the municipal taxes for the old address. He/she will receive a demand to pay the municipal taxes for the remaining months of that year, which will be issued in his/her own name.


Do you think the tax is incorrect? Or do you have another question about municipal taxes? Please contact us via the green button below.

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Is your netto income too low and are you unable to pay municipal taxes? Then you can apply for exemption via the webpage Exemption.

Digital mail via Message Box (Berichtenbox)

Gemeente Veldhoven is connected to the Message Box (Berichtenbox) at MijnOverheid.nl. This is your personal, secure mailbox for digital mail from government organizations. In the Message Box you can receive your tax demand from gemeente Veldhoven. Use your DigiD to log in. If you do not have DigiD yet, apply for it at digid.nl/aanvragen.

On the website of digid.steffie.nl you will find a simple explanation of what DigiD is, how to apply for DigiD and how to use it. You can also practice applying for DigiD.

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