Exchanging your foreign driver's license

If you obtained your driver’s license in a country other than the Netherlands, in certain circumstances you may be able to exchange it for a Dutch driver’s license. This is only possible if you are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) in Veldhoven.

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Bring with you

  • Your (old) foreign driver’s license (this will be sent off to the Dutch Road Transport Directorate, RDW)
  • A passport photograph. Please note the requirements.
  • In some cases you will need a declaration of medical fitness. Inquire at the Municipality whether this is required in your case
  • A valid proof of identity (identity card or residence document)
  • You may need a translation of foreign documents
  • Cash or a bank debit card. Payment must be made at the time of application.


Detail Price 2018
Exchange of foreign driver's license € 30,90

How long can you continue to use your foreign driver’s license?

  • You can use a driver’s license that was issued by a member state of the European Union (EU) or Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland in the Netherlands for a maximum of 10 years. After that, you must exchange it for a Dutch driver’s license.
  • After settling in the Netherlands you can continue to use a driver’s license from a different country for a maximum of 185 days. After that you must exchange your driver’s license for a Dutch driver’s license.
  • If you are not able to exchange your driver’s license (this applies for a number of countries outside the European Union), you will be required to take the standard theory and practical test at the CBR.

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