Waste card

When you live in an apartment building you can use an underground container for your household waste. You need a waste card to access the container.

The waste card is issued per address. When moving, you must leave the card behind for the new occupants. When you are moving into a new-built apartment or when an underground container is being installed for your building, the Municipality will provide one waste card for free.

Waste card not available / not working

  • Is there no waste card available in your apartment? You can request a new one for free
  • Does the waste card no longer work?
    • If you return the card undamaged, you will receive a new one for free
    • Is the card damaged or did you lose it? Then you pay for replacement

You need to make an appointment (for Afvalpas) to apply for a waste card.

Make an appointment

Let op!Would you like to apply for this product at the town hall without an appointment? You can do so in 2024 on Thursday mornings between 9am and 11am. Please check first what you need to bring for your application. Apply after entering the building at the digital application kiosk. Allow for a longer waiting time as there are likely to be people waiting for you. The waiting time can be 30 to 90 minutes. Is another time more convenient? Then please make an appointment.

Bring with you

  • Your ID
  • Cash or debit card. You pay at the counter when you collect the card


Detail Price
New waste card or replacement of a non-working undamaged card Free of charge
Waste card as replacement of a damaged or lost card € 15,00

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