Garbage & Recycling

Information about the collection of household waste at houses (excluding apartment buildings).

Waste chart and collection dates

  • Download the waste chart (PDF, 1.3 MB) for more information about the collection of household waste
  • Collection dates: go to the Waste Calendar and enter your postal code and house number for collection dates. You can print or save an annual overview of collection dates.

Door to door collection

  • Plastic packaging materials, cans, liquid containers and drink cartons: PMD-bags. These bags are available free of charge from supermarkets and the city hall. You can hang the PMD-bags at collection day at a 'crownring' (in Dutch: kroonring). These rings are fixed to (lamp)posts in your street at regular intervals.
  • Food and garden waste: green wheelie bin of grey wheelie bin with green lid
  • Household waste: grey wheelie bin with grey lid
  • Paper: blue wheelie bin of grey wheelie bin with blue lid

You can find out your waste collection days on your personal Waste Calendar. Please put your bins out by 7:30am on your collection day, and no earlier than 8pm the night before. PMD-bags you put out on collection day before 7:30am.

Waste collection at apartment buildings 

  • Plastic (household packaging waste), Metal (cans) and Beverage cartons are put in PMD bags. PMD bags are obtained for free at supermarkets and town hall. Leave PMD bags for pick up on the kerbside or attached to the trash bag holders at collection day. These holders are attached to (lantern) posts every few meters. Check the digital Waste Calendar for collection dates
  • GFT + E (vegetable, gardening and food waste) plus residual waste are packed in a bag and put in the (underground) waste container.
  • You can put used paper and carboard in the paper container at your apartment building (if available), or - packed in a bag - in the (underground) waste container. You can also bring your paper and cardboard to the waste recycling station, free of charge
  • For the use of an underground waste containers you need a waste card

Underground waste container malfunction

A malfunction often occurs when a trash bag is stuck because it is too big (often in combination with the trash bag being too light). Tip: use smaller trash bags.

In case of an underground waste container malfunction:

1. Report the problem via Melding openbare ruimte and indicate what went wrong
2. Try to dispose of your waste in another nearby container (if available)
3. Or, take your trash home and try again the next day

Recycling containers and milieustraat

Items that are not collected and that you have to dispose of yourself:

Where to find glass recycling containers 

Glass recycling in Veldhoven

What is actually happening with glass that you have thrown into the glass recycling station? Watch the film about glass recycling in Veldhoven.

Where to find containers for nappies and incontinence materials

Company waste

The municipality does not collect commercial or business waste. Companies are obliged to take care of their waste collection themselves. You can contact a company waste collection service to make arrangements.

Pest control

To prevent pests from getting into your house it is important to keep your house and property well maintained. Did pests get into your house? You can often get rid of them without using poison. You can find more information on

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