Waste recycling station

At the Milieustraat inhabitants of the municipalities Veldhoven and Waalre can hand in waste that the municipality does not collect from you door to door. You may return a maximum of 2 m3 of waste. You sort the waste in advance on type of waste. You have to identify yourself at the gate.

Contact details and opening hours

  • Phone number: 14 040
  • From outside the Netherlands: +31 40 258 44 11
  • E-mail: gemeente@veldhoven.nl
  • Address:  Habraken 2409
Opening hours this week
Monday 28 November13.00 - 17.30h
Today (Tuesday 29 November)13.00 - 17.30h
Wednesday 30 November13.00 - 21.00h
Thursday 1 December13.00 - 17.30h
Friday 2 December13.00 - 17.30h
Saturday 3 December10.00 - 17.30h
Sunday 4 DecemberClosed
Opening hours next week
Monday 5 December13.00 - 17.30h
Tuesday 6 December13.00 - 17.30h
Wednesday 7 December13.00 - 21.00h
Thursday 8 December13.00 - 17.30h
Friday 9 December13.00 - 17.30h
Saturday 10 December10.00 - 17.30h
Sunday 11 DecemberClosed


Rate type Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 (0-1 m3) Category 3 (1-2 m3)
Car rate Free of charge € 5,00 € 5,00 € 11,00
Pedestrian rate Free of charge € 2,00 € 2,00 Non applicable
  • Category 1: Used motor oil (maximum 10 liters), asbestos (packed), car tires without a rim (maximum 4), cooking oil, small animal carcasses, small chemical waste, cork, paper and cardboard, white and brown goods, iron and metals, bags with household waste (maximum 2)
  • Category 2: car tires with rim (maximum 4), leaves, grass, prunings, coarse residual waste, soil (only clean, not chemically contaminated soil), furniture wood, garden wood, sleepers, fences, extra bags of household waste offered (maximum 2)
  • Category 3: construction and demolition waste such as stones and tiles, woodwork, large pieces of glass and pipes (please separate as much as possible)

Please note: you can only pay with a debit card at the recycling center.


You may hand in up to 2 m3 of asbestos at the waste recycling center. You have to make an appointment per telephone first via 040 - 25 84 333. The asbestos must be double wrapped in plastic (at least 0.2 mm thick). Materials that resemble asbestos, such as cement corrugated sheets, for example, must be presented in the same way.

Industrial waste

It's not possible for companies to hand in their industrial waste at the waste recycling center. As an entrepreneur, you have to make your own arrangments with a waste processor for the disposal of industrial waste.

Reusable goods

Furniture, clothing and alloother household items that can be reused, can be brought to recycled goods shop Kringloop de Kempen (Dutch only). You can also have it picked up by appointment.

Separating waste

If you are not sure in which bin the waste belongs, you can go to Afvalscheidingswijzer.nl (Dutch only).

Small chemical waste (KCA)

Always dispose of small chemical waste (KCA) in the correct manner. It can be harmful for the environment. Visit Milieucentraal.nl (Dutch only) to find out what is part op the KCA. Think of batteries, accumulators, paint, oil filters, energy-saving lamps, strippers and solvents, 

Adress waste recycling station (Milieustraat)

Habraken 2409
5507 TM Veldhoven
Telelephone: 040 - 25 84 333

Floor plan of the waste recycling station

Click on the map below for a larger view of the route along the containers.

Floor plan of waste recycling station Veldhoven

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